Cement Testing

Procedure Technique
AS2350.1 Sampling of cement
AS2350.2.4 Chemical composition - XRF analysis
AS2350. Determination of loss on ignition - cement
AS2350. Determination of insoluble residue - cement
AS2350.3 Normal consistency
AS2350.4 Setting time
AS2350.5 Determination of soundness
AS2350.8 Fineness index by air permeability method
AS2350.9 Determination of residue on the 45 micrometre sieve
AS2350.11 Compressive strength of cement mortar
AS2350.12 Preparation of a standard mortar and moulding of specimens
AS2350.13 Determination of drying shrinkage of cement mortars
AS2701.5 Methods of sampling and testing mortar for masonry construction: Method for determination of water retention
AS3583.1 Determination of fineness by the 45 micrometre sieve
AS3583.2 Determination of moisture content
AS3583.3 Determination of loss on ignition - supplementary cementitous materials
AS3583.5 Determination of relative density
AS3583.6 Determination of relative water requirement and relative strength
AS3583.8 Determination of sulfuric anhydride content
AS3583.13 Determination of chloride ion content
AS3583.14 Determination of insoluble residue content - supplementary cementitious materials
HL7.2.005 Mineral composition of cement by XRD
HL7.2.004 Particle size distribution - Mastersizer
HL7.2.003 XRF