Hallett Laboratory is a NATA accredited laboratory facility which undertakes testing in the Cement, Aggregates & Soils and Concrete fields. Hallett Laboratory personnel have extensive experience in their respective fields and our laboratory technicians are all highly qualified and experienced.

Hallett Laboratory is committed to maintaining the highest standards in professional and ethical conduct and is seeking to extend the scope of its NATA accreditation to better suite the needs of customers.

The laboratory routinely participates in independently conducted proficiency testing to ensure that our results are of the highest quality.

Nata accreditation information:
Accreditation No. : 19646
Facility Name : Hallett Laboratory
Site No. : 22770
Site Name : Hallett Laboratory

Quality Policy

The provision of accurate and timely test results in accordance with stated test methods and customer requirements are critical to the success of our customers.

Hallett Laboratory is committed to maintaining the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct and to continually meet and exceed the expectations of our customers in a manner that it safe to both our employees and the community and complies with statutory and regulatory requirements.

NATA accreditation and compliance with AS ISO/IEC 17025 shall be the minimum standard adopted by Hallett Laboratory to manage its business and provide a system and framework to ensure continual improvement.

All employees have a responsibility to familiarize themselves with quality documentation and comply with all company policies.

Kane Salisbury
CEO Mining and Construction Materials
MSP Group of Companies

Technical & Quality Skills

Quality remains at the forefront of our operations.

Hallett Laboratory is the central testing provider for our Construction Materials & Mining division and their teaming members.

Hallett Laboratory was NATA accredited in early 2016. They progressively acquired the best technical and skilled experts in the Industry and through their guidance, Hallett Laboratory is now recognized as one of the most capable testing and R&D laboratories in the country. With 6 current or former NATA certified signatories we have incredible depth and talent held within a current team of 12 Technicians including numerous Civil and Chemical Engineers.

Hallett Laboratory provide an extensive and diverse range of testing services, developing and testing cement, concrete, backfill, shotcrete and other specialized mix designs to meet a wide variety of specifications and desired attributes.

With Australian Standard AS17025 accreditation, quality remains at the forefront of the operation and as such, the Laboratory has been fully equipped to cater for current demand and future growth.

Following an investment of over $1 million to further bolster existing cement, concrete and materials testing technical support services, Hallett Laboratory have now commissioned their new cement and supplementary cementitious materials testing laboratory located at the Dry Creek operations.

The installation of this brand new, state of the art laboratory testing equipment enables Hallett Laboratory to provide customers with an unprecedented level of customer focused technical support that now includes a complete suite of cementitious materials testing services.

Not only does the expansion to the laboratory capabilities further underpin our commitment to supplying customers with the highest quality, performance guaranteed materials available within the market, but it is a testament to our continuing focus on quality control and product innovation, while providing customers with the peace of mind that the products they receive have been tested to full 28-day Australian Standard requirements prior to delivery.

With well over 100 years combined Industry experience including an unrivalled level of technical expertise and knowledge, our team at Hallett Laboratory offer a unique approach to personalised customer service that provides our customers with genuine value that extends well beyond supplying premium quality products at highly affordable prices.

Hallett Laboratory has received NATA accreditation for cement, flyash and slag testing services to complement the existing construction materials testing NATA accreditations, which Hallett Laboratory received in February 2019.

A key attribute and competitive advantage of Hallett Laboratories offering is the ability to pre-test finished product and then hold stock either in ship transit or warehouse storage until full 28-day test results are available.

For our own assurance, we do not rely on manufacturers testing but rather attend every cementitious dispatch occurrence and sample extensively at the point of dispatch followed by fast tracked testing to ensure each shipment is pre-tested and approved prior to delivery to our customers.

We then personally bring these samples back to Australia where they are tested to Australian Standards in a NATA certified laboratory.

Hallett Laboratory also provide additional services specific to the Mining Industry. Resulting product test certificates are made available prior to the delivery of its cement, placing the mine at a significant advantage when compared with its current position. Advance notice of the specific product reactivity will provide the mine with the ability to optimise its mix costs and understand all elements of product quality well before the product is received on site. This is a luxury enjoyed by several Australian mines currently favouring this supply model who require clarity, foresight and consistency in their cementitious product supply to unlock value beyond the cost of the powder itself and ultimately drives a significant reduction in the volume of product required.